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Photo Challenge: Take a Photo at Every Train Station

With a roll of Kodak Portra 400 loaded in the Bronica ETRSi, I had 15 shots on the roll. I decided I would get on a train,  get off at the next station, take a photo,  get on the next train, and continue that until I'd finished the roll. 

The train system in Berlin is a very famous thing to photograph, and is plastered across instagram, so I wanted to see it while also trying something fresh. 

In an  "unfortunate" turn of events, 400 speed ended up being too slow for the more photogenic underground (U-Bahn) stations, and forced me to stay overground (S-Bahn) and therefor capturing some lesser photographed stops. 

I did however stumble across a couple of shiny new U-Bahn stations which had only opened 2 days prior, completely unknown to me.

You can watch the full video on YouTube here, or simply scroll down to see the photos. Enjoy!


Betriebsbahnhof Rummelsburg


Berlin Ostkreuz

Warschauer Stra├če

Berlin Ostbahnhof



Rotes Rathaus

Unter den Linden

Potsdamer Platz

Berlin Hauptbahnhof



Zoologischer Garten

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