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Berlin Photowalk

Decided to load up some Lomography Colour Negative 800, in my Bronica ETRSi, for my first little photowalk in Berlin. Although visited many times in the past, I had recently arrived in town to settle, and the best way to get acquainted is to take a walk around and photograph things!

It was also a chance to try Lomography CN 800 in medium format for the first time. I'd shot a lot in 35mm, and love its performance, especially given its price, but hadn't tried any 120 until then.

I also used the time to focus on capturing people in my photos. If you look through my film photography journey, my photos are very empty. Something I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out. I decided that while in Berlin, a city known for its interesting inhabitants, I'd put some effort into waiting for subjects to compliment the compositions. 

Overall I'm really happy with how everything went that day... all up until my shutter seems to have stayed open for the last 2 exposures!

You can watch the full video on YouTube here, or simply scroll down to see the photos. Enjoy!

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