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Trying out a 13 year expired disposable camera.

FujiFilm started producing the QuickSnap in 1986, in an attempt to bring a cheap camera to the masses. Creating their film with a lens system. 

Having almost no experience with disposables, when I came across one for $2 in a junk shop, I thought I'd give it a shot! The problem here was that it's 13 years out of date, and wasn't refrigerated as is normally suggested for storing film. 

When I've shot expired in the past, it's always been full manual cameras, and I'd make a point to overexpose it a bunch to compensate for the deteriorating chemicals. In this case there are no settings, and I also didn't know what ISO the film originally was, or the aperture or shutter speed... Guessing a bunch of it, and compensating for age, it looks like it was going to be at least a stop underexposed on that particular day, so I asked the lab to push it a stop in development just in case it could squeeze any information out. 

The results, in all their grainy glory, are below, and you can watch the full YouTube video here.

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