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Testing a roll of 20 year old Konica VX 400

I came across this roll of film on a warm shelf, in a junk shop full of brand new sealed VHS and 8-track cassettes. Like a weird time capsule of untouched goods from the 90s. 

Among it all was a roll of Konica VX 400, expired in 2000, and a few rolls of sealed Kodak Gold in various forms (110, 126, and disc!). The dude was happy to let it go for a dollar, so I figured why not. 

Being 20 years old, I shot it at ISO 100 (overexposing it 2 stops), and was pleasantly surprised by the results! Originally converted scans had some weird colours, but Negative Lab Pro managed to save the day with some magical colour algorithms!

You can watch the full photowalk video on YouTube here, or simply scroll down to see the photos. Enjoy!

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