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Kobica35 BC7

    I picked this camera up for around $10 while working in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a pretty no-frills copy of various popular cameras like the Konica35 and the Electro35. Here are a few tech specs:

    - shutter speeds 125, 60, 30 and B

    - aperture 3.5 to 22

    - aperture blades are just 2 bits of metal

    - 40mm lens with focus from 0.9m to 10m then inf.

    - Very lightweight mix of plastic and metal parts.

    It sat in storage for a couple of years, before I finally decided to run a roll of film through it… followed promptly by the whole world shutting down. So, I decided the roll would be the view from my balcony, at various intervals during the month of March 2020.

    I’ve included them all below, after a small collection of other shots from the same roll. Enjoy Kodak Ultramax 400, through a Kobica35 BC7!

    The every-changing weather, as viewed from my balcony.

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