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Film Swap - Double Exposures 

Film being as risky as it is, I prefer any failures to be my own fault. I never liked the idea of relying on someone else to get a good photo, and had therefore never done any kind of film swap... until now!

I set out with a plan to shoot a bunch of really high contrast scenes, with a lot of large dark areas, then put a call out on social media to find someone to shoot after that whole roll a second time.  The person to pick up my call was Nacho, and he shot a bunch of great textures to lay over my original shots!

Some of the results came out super nice in my opinion, while others came out terribly... such is the life of film, and film swaps. I could have reduced the failures by not making so many mistakes on my end (want to know what I mean, here's a little behind the scenes chat).

Scroll down to see all the photos from the roll, and check out the full video on YouTube here!

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